8-27-2014 Announcements
Class Officer Elections open up today Wednesday, August 27th anyone who is interested needs to sign up on the list in front of Mrs. Peralta’s office. The deadline for signing up is next Wednesday. September3rd. If you are a junior or a senior and you are running for president or vice president you will need to prepare a 2 minute Campaign Speech.

Auditions for Fall Play 
(Southern comedy called Dearly Beloved)

September 2-3-4
4-6 p.m

See Ms. Jonas in room 1081

 FFA will meet Monday, September 8 2014 at 6:30 in the High School Ag Shop.

Please be on time. We will be covering Upcoming Events and Chapter Information also dues will be due at this time.

Student’s ear buds/head phones and cell phones are not allowed.  Also, please remember that public displays of affection are not allowed in school.

 Everyone is to remain the Cafeteria in the mornings until the bells rings.

Make sure you pick all your trash and push in your chairs when you leave the Cafeteria during morning and lunch.

If you are absent please be sure to turn in your absence note to the attendance office within 3 days.  Students who leave campus without permission from the main office will be counted unexcused absent and receive ISS.  As a reminder, Salado High School is a closed campus and students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch time.  Leaving campus will result in a day in ISS.

This is a reminder that students should not be on the elevator unless it is for medical reasons. If you are caught on the elevator you will be given a detention.

Teachers, at this time please assess dress 

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